African Tribal Art

The peoples in current-day Africa have, of course, also given shape to their beliefs in an artistically impressive manner. Statues and masks, weapons, prestige items, objects for everyday use and many more are witness to the imagination of their makers and users. For the benefit of the visitors,...

Militar Museum (Bussaco)

 In Buçaco the Anglo-Portuguese troops commanded by Wellington have faced the Napoleonic army in one of the most important battles of the Peninsular War: the Battle of Buçaco, which took place on the 27th September 1810. The Military Museum is one of the great memories of that period!  

Bura Terracotta Figures

Ever since mankind has roamed the earth, African art has been an ongoing story. Over the centuries, certain art forms may have disappeared but new ones always took the forefront. The Berardo Collection presents the public with a survey of African art from all quarters of the continent and spanning...

Contemporary Zimbabwe Sculpture - Aliança Underground Museum

  Zimbabwean stone sculpture, also know as ´Shona` sculpture, is one of the many instances where African artistic abilities meet and mix with Western aesthetic sensibilities. This collection of more than 2500 Zimbabwean stone sculptures is almost exclusively composed of very early sculptures...

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FIARTE FEIRA INTERNACIONAL DE ARTES PLÁSTICAS ARTEUROPA – Registo de marca nacional nº 483722 do INPI publicado no Boletim de Propriedade Industrial nº 147/2011 de 3/8/2011.

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